Special Topics in Creative Writing, Assignment #1:

So I already gave this assignment in, but I made my school term resolution after so it’s not like it is late or something. The assignment was to take someone who has been working for at least ten years and use them as inspiration for a career trajectory paper. It only needed to be a few paragraphs. This is what I came up with in my attempt at an unfamiliar concept:

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My First Assignment…

So I missed my first day of class for Alternate Worlds. There was a motorcycle fatality on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Traffic was too thick to make it through to school. Had an assignment due though. Wasn’t so clear on exactly what I was supposed to do. My understanding is that I have to write an entry into a world that I will be writing about this semester. This is what I came up with: Continue reading “My First Assignment…”

A New Term…

A week into the new semester, I thought it was about time for me to post something once more. We had a Resume Writing Workshop last week for my Special Topics in Creative Writing class, and she mentioned the importance of blogs and the like.

Okay, I know that my blog isn’t impressive. The only people who have ever checked it out was immediate family, but that’s fine. To me, those are the people that count.

So this is what I have decided.

This being my last semester on my road to my Bachelor Degree, I am going to use this as my spot to post assignments before they are due. Hopefully.

That being said, I’m going to have to get off my tush to do some writing and get my first assignment on here.

Looks like I will have to be posting every week if I keep to my commitment.

Hope anyone who reads my work enjoys it!

Moments in Time

Those little moments in time you have when your watching something amusing, something that holds your attention, sparks your imagination, are precious pockets of time to be guarded carefully. The old bent-over man, face lined by his experiences, thick white hair slicked back as he holds his cane in one hand as he searches through his green hsbc bag for an illusive item. Triumphant he pulls out a worn cap that has seen better days, pulling it low over his eyes he pulls the bag over his shoulder and goes on his way, walking with the aid of his silver tipped cane.

Where Does One Start With So Much On The Mind

I’m sitting here at this computer that it looks like I will be keeping. My fingers are poised and ready to begin their dance across the keyboard, but no words seem to emerge. I listen to the conversations that customers have with the baristas at Starbucks and laugh. Supposedly one of the guys look like that actor from The Notebook.

I’ve had this lately, that my mind is so full of everything, and yet nothing. One of those odd little conundrums that so encompass me. I met my Hebrew 101 professor yesterday at Rockland Kosher and we were chatting. She told me that her daughter is having a book published in September. How I seethed in jealousy. I wish that were me, but what can I expect when my hands do so little writing. I took the Spring 2015 semester off, and yet I still accomplished no furtherment in my writing. Accept of course to make up new words. 🙂

The Wegs are off in Israel and today is Thursday but I have no plans for Shabbos. Yet I simply sit complacently in my chair, making no phone calls to inquire of people’s weekend plans. This coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday combine together to create my 27th birthday. A birthday that I have no one to celebrate with. A small fact that eats away at my insides, little by little.

Instead of me composing a story here today, I will simply talk of a new game that I have created. Everyone has heard of people watching, well here is a new game in a similar thread. Shoe watching. I thought up this game when I was at a wedding this past week. I played it with some surprising results.

It was really fun, amusing, and interesting to note my results. I was sitting at my table watching a group of girls chat. They were all wearing tan colored shoes. I was sitting in a lounge area and watching a group of women converged there, and they were all wearing black shoes. Waiting outside by the valet station for our car, a group of five couples came out and all the women were wearing silver sparkly shoes. No joke. It was so funny, almost seemed pre-planned. It gave me a good laugh while I stood outside getting wet in the rained, traffic-filed Williamsburg.

I’ve sat here for nearly an hour and barely scraped out 400 words. I wouldn’t have even been able to do that much without this little written bit here, what am I going to do?

Long Time No See

Wow. It’s been some time since I sat down and wrote on this blog. I’m typing on my new Lenovo computer, trying to determine whether or not I want to keep it. The last day to return it is tomorrow so I better decide quick. So far, I’m enjoying it but I keep pressing the = button instead of backspace!

What story to write today? I was thinking that I could do a little CinderLily here. I’m not gonna start from the beginning, but finally going to continue on with it and try to finish Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Well Deserved Rest